The Wilson/Davis Documents – My Twenty-Three Year Journey – Part 1

21 Jun , 2020  


“You’re going to be lied to because that’s the rule.” 

~Astrophysicist Eric Davis, Ph.D.




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by Joe Murgia@ufojoe11 on Twitter

It was April 19th, 2019, 3:46pm, Las Vegas time and I received this message on Facebook Messenger.

Fifteen pages of notes had quietly appeared on Reddit, detailing an alleged, explosive, hour-long meeting in Las Vegas in 2002 between astrophysicist, Eric W. Davis, Ph.D and recently retired Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Vice Admiral Thomas R. Wilson. The main subject: An ultra-secret, government program, dealing with reverse-engineering of crashed and recovered UFOs, run by a private, aerospace corporation. They became known as the Wilson/Davis documents or, as researcher Richard Dolan dubbed them, the “UFO Leak of the Century.”

(Before you continue, I suggest you listen from 3:42-7:47 as Dr. Davis gives Erica Lukes a thorough summary of his background, education and professional resume. It’s quite impressive.)

Dolan was shown two pages back in 2006 and researcher Grant Cameron had been given a physical copy by Australian James Rigney, six months prior to the Reddit dump. Rigney acquired them from a source. Cameron was so stressed about what to do with them, he consulted lawyer Michael W. Hall for advice on how to proceed. But now they were online for the whole world to see. Investigative journalist, prolific researcher and friend, Giuliano Marinkovic, was one of the first to notice them on Reddit and shared them privately with researcher, Chris Wolford, citizen journalist, Danny Silva (also friends of mine) and myself.

I started communicating with Dr. Davis privately on Facebook Messenger around Thanksgiving of 2018 when we debated the merits of the Bob Lazar story, which I wound up writing about.  By the time the documents leaked five months later, we had developed a friendship, so I immediately reached out to him on the off chance he could add some insight.




I realized if the documents were legit, they had the potential to rock the world of UFOlogy, and if the information within could somehow be verified, it might blow the doors off the UFO cover-up.

The original Reddit posts can be viewed at these two links:

Reddit Post 1  & Reddit Post 2

As soon as I heard the circumstances surrounding these notes, a bell went off in my head. Back on May 5th, 1997, I was listening to Coast to Coast AM (C2C) with Art Bell when guest Dr. Steven Greer MD was explaining the difficulty many people have with taking the UFO subject seriously. Then, without pause, he made the claim that a month prior, he had briefed an extremely important person about what journalist Billy Cox has so aptly nicknamed, “The Great Taboo.” I remember getting excited because I knew this was a big deal and official, government disclosure that some UFOs were real and not made by humans was right around the corner! Or so I naively thought.

Transcript excerpt from C2C show:

Dr. Steven Greer: “People either initially think that this can’t be true, and if it were true, they would know about it. But once they realize it is true, they have a reaction not unlike a Joint Chiefs of Staff-level fellow that I briefed while I was in Washington about a month ago…who, after he looked at all this and heard the witness, turned to us and said, ‘Well I have no doubt this is true but I’m horrified that I haven’t known about it,’ because of his position. And a very, very senior…I can’t say who it was but a very, very senior position.

“Astronaut, Ed Mitchell, who was at this meeting with us and co-hosted it with me – we went through this in a lot of detail with these members of Congress and also at the Joint Chiefs of Staff where I had a meeting – where we said, ‘Look, these people deserve an opportunity for this information to come out. The cold war is over. Who the hell are we holding this stuff back for? It’s time for the information to come out.'”


The first actual mention of the Pentagon briefing came on April 29th of 1997 when Dr. Greer’s assistant, the late Shari Adamiak, was a guest (starts at 12:03) on the Jeff Rense show, “Sightings on the Radio.”

Shari Adamiak: We did do a briefing at the Pentagon.

Jeff Rense: That’s very interesting. How did that go?

Shari Adamiak: Very interesting and very well.


Dr. Greer told a similar story on other radio shows, always leaving out the name of the “Joint Chiefs of Staff-level fellow.” At the time, I had various issues with Greer (and still do) and lots of folks felt he was fabricating the entire thing. But the way he told the story and the details he included gave me little doubt the meeting took place. For me, besides interviewing, documenting and then bringing his Disclosure Project UFO witnesses to Washington D.C. in 2001, being a part of this briefing was, and still remains, a shining moment for Dr. Greer.


       Commander Will Miller

On February 16th, 2000, in a small studio in the suburbs of Tampa Bay, Florida, a name unfamiliar to the world of UFOlogy, Commander Will Miller (Retired in 1994 from active duty), was interviewed by my friend, Malcolm Hathorne, author of “UFOs and the Government Cover-Up.” The show aired live on the Tampa Public Access Television show, “UFOs and Metaphysics.” It was meant to be a tease for his lecture three days later at Clearwater MUFON. I lived close by the studio but watched from home.


Miller, a military advisor for Dr. Greer’s organization, CSETI, for eight years at that point, described how he became interested in the subject of UFOs as he shared details of a sighting he had aboard a Navy destroyer with five of his shipmates in the Gulf of Tonkin during the Vietnam War in 1970. An unknown light, he estimated at four feet in diameter, appeared above the water and proceeded to become a USO (Unidentified Submerged Object) as it went below the surface, took off at tremendous speed towards the ship and passed underneath them without ever resurfacing. It didn’t show up on sonar, radar or any of the other electronic systems onboard the vessel. Miller thought it unwise to wake the commanding officer and tell him they what they had just seem. He had always had an interest in the UFO subject, as his father and grandfather had been involved in the space program, but this personal sighting is what hooked him.

According to the CSETI Project Starlight Disclosure Strategy, one of Miller’s roles featured briefing and advising, “Executive Branch officials and military officials who would conduct briefings and recommend near-term disclosure of the subject and the end to secrecy related to the subject.” Miller explained how various officials in our government are kept out of the loop on UFOs.

Commander Will Miller (WM): It’s been our experience, and particularly in dealing with people in the Pentagon, which has been part of my role, that those people in positions of authority, senior admirals and generals, who one would expect to have the information on this phenomenon, are really either incapable – their organization does not have that information – or those individuals are protected from access to that information.

I have been involved in one-on-one briefings with some admirals in the joint commands. I have also been involved in the briefings that Dr. Greer has had the lead on that I have helped arrange in the Pentagon. For example, to the vice director for intelligence for the Joint Staff (Admiral Wilson ~Joe), and also to the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency (Lt. General Patrick. M. Hughes ~Joe). They have received these briefings and again, it has been at their request that we have presented these briefings. The knowledge of the briefings [was] available to them. They have accepted that and in some cases, asked us to expedite getting those briefings to them. They have been received with the same degree of seriousness and credibility that any national security subject would be received.

Miller told Hathorne that an unnamed individual, who he deemed credible, confirmed to him the existence of the organization known as MJ-12, supposedly created in the time of Truman and Eisenhower to, “really keep a lid on the subject and to control all the information in the government related to UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligence.” He was assured the effort was ongoing and probably known by many names.

Miller teased that he was “working with investigative journalists,” which turned out to be Leslie Kean, whose work we’ll cover a little later.  Something known to diehard students of UFOlogy is Chapter 13 of the FEMA publication, “Fire Officer’s Guide to Disaster Control” by William M. Kramer. The infamous Chapter 13 explains how to deal with UFO crashes or landings. Back then, I remember telling a Tampa firefighter friend of mine, Bill, about the chapter. He was very skeptical, until he went to work and read it for himself. Needless to say, he was a bit baffled as to why that was in there.

At the time, the current edition was dated 1992. But Miller said Kramer asked him to “head up” and assist in revising that particular chapter. “Our collective intent is to not only keep that chapter in but to strengthen that chapter based on new information. Because in many cases, when there is some sort of an event, particularly if there is a crash, whether it’s an extraterrestrial spacecraft or whether it’s a black U.S. Air Force program…the local fire chiefs and firefighters might be the first people called to be on the site,” said Miller. Sounding skeptical, Hathorne asked, “does it talk explicitly about extraterrestrial craft?” Miller made no mistake about it. “Oh yes, it does.”

Hathorne asked a great question: What would the penalty be for breaking a security oath and speaking about one of these secretive UFO programs? Miller’s answer is extremely relevant to the current situation with the Wilson/Davis documents. “It depends, of course, on what is the level of violation of trust, if any. There have been legal opinions, however, that offer the fact, that particularly for programs that may have been created without proper congressional oversight, i.e., programs [which] were created illegally, using taxpayer dollars, and then persons involved in those programs are sworn to oaths of secrecy, that those themselves may be invalid, if in fact, that program is an illegal program.”

When asked about any interesting stories he had heard related to back-engineering UFO technology, Miller let everybody down. “Well, I (laughs a little) I, I really don’t know any more on that than what you or…anybody else has read in various publications. I haven’t had any special access to any particulars of programs.”

In the latter part of the show, they took phone calls. As I listened to the audio from twenty years ago, I immediately recognized the voice of the caller. It was me!

Joe Murgia: [Will], if you were the president, and you found out that there were some government agencies that were operating illegally, how would you get to the bottom of getting the information out? Because for me, I’m thinking about it and I cannot figure out, if that’s true, how we’re going to get that information.

Will Miller: I think I’d probably talk to my attorney general, Joe.

Malcolm Hathorne: Start a lawsuit. That might be the only way.

Will Miller: This is not an easy donkey on which to pin the tail. There’s a lot of disinformation, a lot of compartmentalization. And my personal assessment is if you want to find out where this thing leads, follow the money.

Joe Murgia: I know there’s a lot of speculation on why our government is being secretive. Did you have any opinions on that?

Will Miller: Joe, I’ve got lots of opinions. I think one of those is that of being able to control technology. Assuming that our government has access to alien technology, then it would be logical that the government would want to control that for a variety of reasons. And so that’s one possible scenario. The other scenario, Joe, as I mentioned earlier, is that many times, if you talk to someone high enough in government, they really don’t know. When they say they have no information on this subject, they really don’t. They’re telling you the truth.

On the question of origin, Miller felt, “they may either be extraterrestrial or they may be from some other space-time.”



Three months later, on May 21st of 2000, investigative journalist Leslie Kean wrote her first story on UFOs, “UFO Theorists Gain Support Abroad, But Repression at Home” and had it published in the Boston Globe. This was the first time Commander Willard Miller was introduced to a mainstream audience.

With over 30 years in Navy and joint interagency operations with the Defense Department, Miller has participated in a series of previously undisclosed briefings for Pentagon brass about military policy regarding UFOs.

In June of 2000, Kean wrote another article for the French magazine “VSD” entitled, “UFOs and National Security” that focused on the French COMETA Report. The rare, expanded and unreleased version of the article was acquired by Giuliano Marinkovic from Kean. Once again, Miller agreed to go on the record about meetings with Pentagon brass regarding UFOs and secrecy.

The article detailed Miller’s role in various UFO-related meetings, including the April, 1997 event in the Pentagon with Dr. Greer. But now, instead of just a Joint Chiefs of Staff-level fellow, we learned he was an Admiral. That narrowed the field considerably.

In a February, 2000 confidential memo titled “Selected Discussions with Key United States Department of Defense Intelligence Personnel on the Subject of Unidentified Flying Objects and Extraterrestrial Intelligence” prepared for this reporter, Miller spelled out the details of meetings between 1989 and 2000 with named high-level Department of Defense intelligence personnel – including the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, an Admiral on the Joint Staff, and the U.S. Atlantic Command Director for Intelligence – among others. Miller says he initiated briefings “to provide the flag officers with information to help the military decision-making processes when these unexplained craft are encountered by members of the Department of Defense.

While Commander Miller alerted the Pentagon, researcher Dr. Steven M. Greer was working the issue within the U.S. Congress and the executive branch. Greer, an emergency physician who has assembled government documents, visual evidence and credible witness reports on UFOs, also attended some of the Pentagon briefings with Miller.

       Admiral Thomas R. Wilson

During a Disclosure Project talk in Portland, Oregon on September 12th of 2001, the admiral was finally outed by Dr. Greer.

I had to go to the Pentagon. I was asked by the head of intelligence for the Joint Staffs, who had an office not far from the section that was blasted yesterday. This admiral, Tom Wilson, who was the J2 position, the head of intelligence Joint Staff and I, met along with one of the Apollo astronauts and a couple of these military witnesses.

And essentially the head of intelligence Joint Staffs said, “I am horrified that this is true. I have been in plenty of black projects, but when we tried to get into this one,” he was told, and I quote, “Sir, you do not have a need to know.”


Will Miller and I stayed in touch after his appearance on Hathorne’s show in Tampa and he had become a subscriber to my free UFO/paranormal newsletter I was writing and editing at the time called, “Open Mind News.” We immediately developed a friendship over email and in 2007, while I was vacationing in the Tampa Bay area, Will invited me over for dinner.

My memory is foggy (a foreshadowing of events detailed later in this article) and during my time with Miller, I may have referenced the briefing with the Admiral. But I did not ask for details or confirmation. My friend, who I had brought along, was not into UFOs at all and our discussion with Miller was mostly centered around every day life. A huge, missed opportunity by me, to say the least. Plus, at the time, I really had no idea how important he was to the disclosure effort. That realization would come over a decade later.

I do remember asking him if he had any issues with Dr. Greer. If he did, I was hoping to hear something like, “Well, Steve has a tendency to exaggerate stories like the one about briefing that Joint Chiefs guy in the Pentagon. That never happened.” Then, at least I would know not to waste any more time or energy thinking about it. But in the end, he had nothing negative to say about the former emergency room doctor from North Carolina. I left his house with zero evidence to confirm the briefing took place but my gut was still telling me it happened.



In 2006, Greer’s book, “Hidden Truth – Forbidden Knowledge” was published, and on Page 158, Wilson and the briefing were mentioned again. This time with more details.

“The day after the congressional briefings in 1997, I was asked to do a briefing for the head of intelligence for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Tom Wilson. In advance of this important meeting we sent a document to his people. His assistant told me that the Admiral had, in fact, found these code names and code project names and numbers useful; he inquired through channels and found some of these (UFO-related ~Joe) ops in a cell in the Pentagon.

“Once Admiral Wilson identified this group, he told the contact person in this super-secret cell: ‘I want to know about this project.’ And he was told, ‘Sir, you don’t have a need to know. We can’t tell you.’

He goes on to describe a shocked and angry Wilson and said they had a discussion about the risk this rogue group represented, as Dr. Greer wrote, “to the United States, the rule of law and to the national security.” He said Wilson told him that if he could get people who know about this to go on the record, he had his permission to go to the media. With Wilson adding, “This is illegal!”

As much as I believed the story to be true, there was no evidence to back it up. And if anybody could track him down, what would Wilson have to say about it? In October of 2006, not long after Greer’s book came out, researcher Richard Dolan did just that. He picked up the phone, called him, and later made a post about it on the UFO Updates list.

At first, Dolan wrote, their conversation was cordial. When he asked Wilson about the alleged meeting in 1997 with Drs. Mitchell and Greer and if they discussed the subject of UFOs, Wilson claimed a foggy memory. But the fog quickly lifted once Dolan mentioned that Mitchell, the highly respected astronaut, had confirmed the meeting had indeed taken place. Wilson immediately changed his tune and said he “vaguely” recalled it. He perked up when Dolan told him about the mention in Greer’s book and asked Dolan to read him the relevant passage. Dolan obliged.

“At this point, Admiral Wilson’s voice changed noticeably. Whereas he had been relaxed and low key when we started, his voice became high pitched. He seemed to be rather annoyed, maybe angry. He told me that, yes, he had met with Greer and Mitchell. That he only did so because he was ‘curious’ why someone of Dr. Mitchell’s stature would be pursuing this matter. ‘Everything else’ Greer wrote about the meeting (whatever that means) was ‘poppycock.’ Wilson then told me he needed to go to a meeting and ended the conversation.”


Dr. Edgar Mitchell

The late Edgar Mitchell, PhD, the 6th man to walk on the Moon, started sharing memories of the Pentagon briefing ten years after it happened. This is from June 25th, 2007. Giuliano Marinkovic played a large role in setting this up and preparing questions for Dr. Mitchell.

“I briefed a high-level office of what I knew and he said, ‘Well, I don’t know about that but I will find out.’ And he called me a few weeks later and said, ‘You’re right on. Those things are real. I should be in charge of that but I’m not.”


Here’s a clip from Larry King in 2008, with the transcript below. Even though Greer had already outed Wilson in 2001, Dr. Mitchell chose not to name him. To me, that says a lot about his character and the type of man he was.

Dr. Edgar Mitchell: “I eventually went to the Pentagon for a meeting with the Intelligence Committee of the Joint Chiefs of Staff – which I got – with another Naval officer who had had many similar experiences. And we told our story. And this gentleman, a Vice Admiral, said to us, ‘Well, I don’t know about that but I’m gonna find out.’ And called a few weeks later and said he had found the source of the black budget funding for this project. And that he was going to subsequently investigate, because, if it was real, he should know about it. As a matter of fact, he should be in charge. [Those were] his words. And so we did get calls from him sometime later, and a report (seems like he might be referring to the notes of Dr. Davis. ~Joe), much later than that, that he had found the people responsible for the cover-up and [the] people who are in the know. And [was] told, ‘I’m sorry Admiral. You do not have need to know here and so…goodbye.'”

Mitchell went on to explain that, “They sought me out. They sought me out.” That will become important later.

Herald-Tribune Journalist, Billy Cox

In 2008, journalist Billy Cox, who is a must read for anybody interested in the subject of UFOs, did some digging of his own and contacted Wilson, the former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, to question him about the claims of Drs. Greer and Mitchell. Cox asked if he had ever been barred from retrieving any type of classified material during his career. Without hesitation, Wilson denied it again. “Never,” he said. And he only took the meeting with Mitchell (he didn’t remember who else attended) because he was curious about “allegations of deep-black UFO projects” and because the former moon walker might have more credibility than your average American.

“What is true is that I met with them,” Wilson said in a phone interview. “What is not true is that I was denied access to this material, because I didn’t pursue it. I may have left it open with them, but it was not especially compelling, not compelling enough to waste my staff’s time to go looking for it.”

Mitchell told De Void he never heard directly from Wilson after their initial meeting, but he says he trusts the veracity of the unnamed sources who told him of Wilson’s inability to penetrate security.


Even if Wilson was refused access to this program, his denial to Dolan and Cox should not be a surprise to anyone. One of Dolan’s sources told him what we were all thinking.

“What else would you expect [Wilson] to say?”, he told me. “He would lose every security clearance he ever held if he gave you what you wanted.”

For skeptical folks who want to poke holes in this story, they can point to what Mitchell said on Larry King in July of 2008:

Dr. Edgar Mitchell: “And so we did get calls from him [I think it’s fair to assume this was Wilson] sometime later…

And compare it to what he told Billy Cox and DeVoid one month later:

From the Billy Cox article: “Mitchell told De Void he never heard directly from Wilson after their initial meeting, but he says he trusts the veracity of the unnamed sources who told him of Wilson’s inability to penetrate security.”

Did he hear from Wilson after the initial meeting or not? Did he just misspeak on Larry King or was he covering for Wilson? We’ll never know. But in the previous interview, he also said he heard from “a high-level officer” (once again, I think it’s safe to say that was Wilson?) after the meeting was over. In either case, Mitchell references “a report” to King and “unnamed sources” to Cox. Like I said, that could be a reference to the notes of Dr. Davis. Whether a full report was written up at a later date is unknown.

In 2011, Leslie Kean’s historical book, “UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go on the Record,” was published. And the section on Commander Will Miller was overlooked by a lot of people. Kean wrote…

“Miller held a Top Secret clearance with Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) access, meaning he had access to sensitive information whose handling is restricted one step further than the Top Secret classification, including that which is related to topics and programs not publicly acknowledged.”

He went on to tell Kean that while he was on active duty throughout the 1980s, he was open about his interest in UFOs as he, “was simply a concerned officer who studied the subject, looked at the facts and talked to people in the military.” Since others knew of his interest, they would find him and share their experiences and questions. Along the way, he learned that high-ranking military officers were in the dark about UFOs and he worried their ignorance could lead to problems of national security related to being unprepared. If our military decided to shoot down one of these craft, Miller believed that whoever was in control of the UFOs had a right to self-defense and that could lead to hostile act. He told Kean a “small fraction” of UFOs that have acted in a hostile manner did so only after “severe provocation, usually an attack by military aircraft.” To him, it’s obvious UFOs are not hostile.

Patrick M. Hughes

In Kean’s book, we are once again told about the 1997 briefing of Admiral Wilson but also learned the name of a new, high-ranking officer Miller (along with Dr. Greer) briefed on the subject in 1998: Lieutenant General Patrick M. Hughes, who was the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) at the time. Wilson would later go on to be the director of the DIA. During these briefings Miller brought up the subject of aggression towards UFOs and the government’s refusal to be honest with the public about the subject. He believed the policy of mistruth (my phrase) has eroded our trust in the institution.


Kean calls Miller a “true ‘insider’ of the highest order” and “one of the few who has persistently taken his concern about UFOs to authorities above him.” I will address this again later but she is 100% right here. And as she says later on in this chapter, Miller is courageous for what he’s done over the years with this subject. I consider him a hero and I think history will agree with me.

Kean goes on to quote Miller some more:

“The military officers I talked with were extremely interested in getting factual information on the UFO subject, since even at the flag-officer level, they were unable to get that information through normal military intelligence channels,” Miller told me. Throughout the years, as he continued to speak with his contacts, he became more and more convinced of the existence of a well-concealed, “need-to-know” UFO program, based on statements that he says confirm this fact, made by military personnel attending his Pentagon briefings and others.

In late 2009, Kean asked Miller for his overall assessment via email. He wrote, “It’s fact there are folks high in our government who are interested in the subject of UFOs and in many cases, that’s due to them or an immediate family member having a sighting or personal experience with the phenomenon.” He believes many personnel in the highest level of our government, military and intelligence agencies are in the dark when it comes to information about UFOs. Why? Plausible deniability. If they’re asked what they know about the subject, they can say, “Absolutely nothing” and be telling the truth.

Miller went further and explained the “control group” cannot allow anybody who isn’t cleared for the Unacknowledged Special Access Program (USAP) to access their UFO research. Most importantly is this line:

“Neither Joint Chiefs of Staff Intelligence nor the director of DIA himself could get ANY information on the subject; this is a fact. Yet I know that sources within multiple organizations maintain such information.

“Leadership remains “protected” from such knowledge. As far as I am concerned, the question is answered.

“I know for a fact that such information resides within several “three-letter agencies.”


In February of 2013, Dr. Greer and Commander Miller took part in a conversation about the United States government, secrecy, UFOs and (alleged) extraterrestrial technology. Miller gives a fantastic explanation of how secrecy, SAPs and USAPs work. It’s a must listen/read if you want to know what’s going on and why the wall of secrecy has yet to be torn down. Since I’m known for transcripts, I decided to include a large part of the transcribed conversation.

Commander Will Miller: There are a lot of misconceptions about secrecy and classification, particularly when it comes to this subject. There are many folks that would say, “Well, nothing should be classified. The government should be able to open all of their files and give us anything we want.” And obviously, there is a need for classification, legitimate classification, for some programs, to protect national intelligence information and information, the disclosure of which, would cause great harm to the nation. We would not have wanted the Germans to get all of the information about how to build an atomic bomb. That could have been a grave problem in changing the outcome of World War II. But that said, you frequently hear folks talk about “Well, this program must be above top secret.” And actually, there are only three levels of classification in the military: confidential, secret and top secret. And those being made by an individual…by the classifier, based on certain criteria as to what kind of harm their release would cause to the government. And there are however, handling caveats, things like Eyes Only. So you can have Secret Eyes Only information, Secret ORCON, which is Originator Controlled. In other words, only the person who created the classified information controls who gets to see it. Or ESI: Especially Sensitive Information. Or even NOFORM, No Foreign Dissemination. And then, of course, you hear the term Cosmic Top Secret thrown around. And the Cosmic classification is a NATO-unique classification.

All that aside, there’s a major issue as to how secrecy is maintained in the military, particularly with respect to what we call Special Access Programs or SAPs. Now you can have Special Access Programs that have any number of classifications. Most of them are Top Secret with the some of the handling caveats that I mentioned earlier. The way they work is, if there is a program that the information is so sensitive that only a few people need to know about that, then there is a Special Access Program created. In other words, you have to have special access to have knowledge of that program. So even if you have a Top Secret clearance, you may not have access to that particular SAP because you don’t have the need-to-know. And there are pros and cons to having such programs. One of the pros is that you can keep the information very close to the vest, so to speak. You can control who knows about it, but at the same time, many times you don’t know that there are others working on other Special Access Programs that may have information that would be helpful to your program. And because the two don’t intermingle, you, many times, are denied access to information that, in your SAP, would be helpful to you or to technologies that would be helpful to you. So that’s kind of how Special Access Programs work. And in general, once you get into that line of classification, you are generally available for other Special Access Programs. In other words, once you are read in, you sign the documents and many times, sign your life away forever, in terms of never being able to release that information as long as you live.


Then we move to another category of USAPs or Unacknowledged Special Access Programs. Now things get kind of interesting here. The fact that they are unacknowledged. And Congress, by the way, has oversight of all classified programs. Supposedly, even over Unacknowledged Special Access Programs, there is supposed to be one person who is cleared to the highest level to follow and track that USAP. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. So you have a program, the existence of which is totally unacknowledged. In other words, nobody knows about it except the people that created it and those that are read into that unacknowledged program. That can lead to misuse. And it can lead to the improper classification of programs and activities that should otherwise be available. So it is within the area of Unacknowledged Special Programs where we would most likely find information on Unidentified Flying Objects, extraterrestrial intelligence and related technologies.

When you get into the subject of UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligence, there are two perceptions in the public. One is that, well, the highest leaders in the military obviously must know about this and must have access to all information. And what we have found is that that is absolutely not the case. In fact, to ensure that those leaders in high levels of military and civilian positions, such as the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, he would be protected from knowledge on this particular subject. So that if there was a Freedom of Information Act request, a FOIA request or a congressional inquiry, he could ,with perfectly clear conscience and veracity, go before any of those bodies and say, “I have no knowledge of that subject.” And he’d be completely honest. He did not. He’d be protected. However, somewhere in his organization, there would be people who would have great information and be the custodians of that. Many times, some of the senior civilian employees who have continuity as the military leaders come and go.

Dr. Steven Greer: And in fact, when we have made inquiries, we have been told nothing. And in one case, when I had a document that had some of the code numbers and names for some of these Unacknowledged Special Access Project compartments from the National Reconnaissance Office, there was a certain Admiral, I remember, [who] had found one of those and basically was told, “Though, yeah, well, we know who you are but you don’t have a need to know and we’re not going to tell you anything.”

(A simple “yes” here from Miller would have been helped make the case for the legitimacy of the Wilson/Davis documents. But he remained silent. ~Joe)

Dr. Greer: I was asked to go to a meeting at the Senate Appropriations Committee and the chief counsel for the committee at that time was a guy named Dick D’Amato, no relation to the Senator D’amato. He worked with Senator Byrd of West Virginia, who is chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee. [D’Amato] had a Top Secret clearance and also had subpoena power on behalf of the Senate Appropriations Committee. And he told me he had seen evidence that things were going on related to the ET and UFO subject. But that with subpoena power and a top secret clearance, on behalf of the committee that wrote the checks for the U.S. government, he could not penetrate them. And he looked at me squarely in the eyes and he said, “Dr. Greer, you’re dealing with the varsity team of all,” what he called, “black projects.” And he says, “Good Luck.”

Miller: I was pleased to be able to set up a meeting at the Joint Staff there, J2, the Director for Intelligence, back in 97, (This is Admiral Wilson ~Joe)

Greer: And what the commander Miller’s referring to is the head of intelligence for the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon.

Miller: And that was meeting with you and me and I think astronaut Ed Mitchell [was there] among others. And the Admiral took this briefing with the same level of gravity and interest as he would any other national security, national intelligence matter. So when folks say that the military is not interested in this subject, that is obviously not the case and not has not been our experience.

Greer: No. And in fact, I remember that we were slotted for a certain amount of time and he kept turning to his aid saying that cancel this, cancel…he kept extending because he had tremendous interest in what was being shared.

Miller: Yes. Yes. It was also a little interesting aside, as I was leaving, the admiral’s aid turned to me and said, “You know, the subject of Majestic MJ-12 came up and there’s been a lot of debate as to, you know, whether that’s real, whether it ever existed.” And he said, “You know, we know it exists. We here at the Intelligence Directorate for the Joint Staff just don’t have the need-to-know what they do. And I found that to be a very interesting statement.

One of the more interesting meetings that we had in the Pentagon was with the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (General Patrick M. Hughes). And we didn’t think we were going to put that meeting together until we got some briefing material hand-delivered to the director, and suddenly I received a call [and they] said, “Look, not only do we want to meet with you, we’d like to expedite the meeting.” So you and I went up to the Pentagon and met with the director, and I think it was two of his staff members. And he received the briefing material that we had with not only great interest, but also shared some personal information that I won’t go into now showing that he had a great personal interest in the subject as well as a professional interest. But as head of the DIA, he had asked his staff, his many minions and other related agencies, if he could get some background material on the subject of UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligence. And as he got up from his desk, he said, “And gentlemen, this is the only thing that I received.” And he walked over to a bookshelf and he took down a little model of a tiny little alien clay figure. An ET doll. Yeah, that was it. And it was kind of sad. And once again, you know, we explained to him that, in his position, he would be protected from the knowledge of the subject. That didn’t go over very well, I might add.

Greer: I remember when we made the point that there were certainly operations that we knew about, that I had talked to people about, that had dealt with this issue at the Defense Intelligence Agency, at the Pentagon, but that there were people in his command who just weren’t letting him know about it. There was a visible stiffening of the body language of the colonel who was at the table.

Miller: Yes, yes, yes. I remember that. He was sitting over taking notes in the back corner.

Greer: I would say he was not amused at that revelation

Miller: No. Through a former NSA contact of mine, I had the chance to meet with a high-level, retired, National Security Agency, senior civilian. And this gentleman, we talked about the subject of UFOs and, again, whether any government agency either had information on the subject or had interest in. And he revealed one tidbit of information I found very interesting. He said within NSA, there was a document known only as “the document” and it was on the subject of UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligence. And it was so highly classified that only the Director himself and perhaps one or two other people were actually able to view it. It’s existence was widely known, but again, very, very close hold information.


It’s taxpayer dollars at work on projects that that could potentially benefit mankind. And there’s the issue of technology transfer, you know. Over the years, I have come to believe that there is some of that technology in use by Department of Defense. I’ll give a couple of examples. I had a friend, a former military officer who worked with me. [He went to work at] the famous Groom Lake facility, Area 51 and he was out there for several years. As we all know, most folks that work out there have signed their lives away, never to disclose what goes on and for better or for worse, and this fella was no different. And over the three years I worked with him – and he knew my interest in things extraterrestrial and my work with CSETI – never once did he mention any of his work out at Groom Lake or any association between that and anything extraterrestrial. And the day I was leaving the command, he took me aside and he said, “You know, Will, some of the folks you talk with, maybe some CSETI researchers may see objects that are doing, you know, Mach 9 and then suddenly make a right angle turn and you say, ‘Well, gosh, that’s got to be an extraterrestrial craft.’” And then he looked at me and he said, “But it’s not.” And he just turned and walked away.

So, you know, that coupled with a couple of other incidences, one of which was another fellow who’d been out at Groom Lake, who, when I was leaving that command said, “Bye. Enjoy your next assignment and 5461.” And I said, “Excuse me, what was that number, Bob?” He says “5461.” I said, “It doesn’t mean anything to me!” He says, “That’s the number of the program you’re interested in.” Of course, as we discussed earlier, most Special Access Programs either have a code name or in a budget line item, just have maybe a four or five-digit number.

A final piece of data is a former director for procurement for the U.S. Army. And one late night on, I think it was a History Channel program about the Comanche helicopter, the follow-on to the Apache, this gentleman, who came on right at the end of the program, you know, late at night, it was only run one time. He said, “You know, the Comanche program is probably the last helicopter that the Army will ever buy. All follow on craft will probably be anti-gravity craft.” Well, that’s just a statement to nearly blow you away for me. A senior procurement civilian, across whose desk all programs would travel, to say that one, we’re already doing research and development on anti-gravity, or we already have it and we’re just waiting to put it into a new craft.

And so, you know, you add all those things together and you say, “Hey, there has been technology transfer, but has it benefited mankind in general? Absolutely not at this point. Should it? Maybe so!”


Still Waiting…

We now had claims of a 1997 meeting that included Dr. Greer, Dr. Mitchell, Miller and Wilson and a few others, and a 2002 meeting between Dr. Davis and Admiral Wilson, which included details of a program that focused on the retrieval and back-engineering of crashed and possibly landed, UFOs.

A week after they were uploaded, the Wilson/Davis documents still hadn’t garnered any attention. A few Reddit posters chimed in but didn’t seem to realize what they were seeing.

Inesophet was right. These looked nothing like official documents. That’s because they weren’t! And nobody was making that claim. These were typed up notes or a transcript detailing what was said at a meeting between two people. Dr. Davis was working for the National Institute of Discovery Science at the time and it appears this was part of his job duties.

We were all amazed at how the internet, including UFO Twitter, hadn’t exploded with debate over this. Weeks went by and things were still all quiet on the Wilson/Davis front. A month passed and still nothing. Every day, multiple times a day, Giuliano checked everywhere to see if anybody had discovered this keg of dynamite that was hidden in plain sight. I think I can speak for the guys when I say we were all holding our collective breaths as we waited for an update every morning, while at the same time, figuring out what, if anything, we were going to do.

The Three Amigos: “Hey Giuliano, anything show up, yet?”

Giuliano: “NOPE.”




Why Not Share it With the World?

For various reasons, we all decided to remain silent about the Reddit post. We knew we’d all get lots of attention if we shared it but there was also the potential for folks to get hurt professionally. I asked the guys to give me a view into what they were thinking back then.

Chris Wolford: “I felt we had to sit on it, in order to make sure we didn’t burn bridges or get it wrong. It felt like the right thing to do in that moment.”

Danny Silva: “At first I was shocked and didn’t know what it entailed. We went through a process of asking sources about it. After thinking about it, I knew it was going to leak out eventually since it was on social media. It wasn’t my place to put everyone on blast involved with the document. I didn’t feel like that would have been fair to Eric Davis. I found out it got sent to Richard Dolan and he wasn’t leaking it, either. Some were saying it was going to cause disclosure. As soon as I saw the document I didn’t agree with that assessment unless Wilson went on the record about it. His track record showed he wouldn’t. With that said, if it wasn’t on social media and on deck to be noticed, and I was the only one between it getting out or not, I probably would have felt differently. As it stood, I knew it would get out on its own. I chose honor and respect of those that have done so much for this topic over the years (like Eric Davis) over fame.”

Giuliano Marinkovic: “I got my copy of the Wilson leak in April 2019. As soon I started to read it, I immediately knew the background and history of the affair. Back in 2007, together with physicist Bozidar Kemic and TV host Kresimir Misak, I organized a satellite interview with Edgar Mitchell for Croatian Public Television. I prepared a set of questions for Mitchell where some of them dealt specifically with the 1997 Pentagon briefing and Vice Admiral Thomas R. Wilson. On July 2008, I actually located Wilson’s contact data which lead to the now infamous Billy Cox 2008 article, “Admiral: Never looked for UFO data.” During that period, I also had a private mailing list where several researchers exchanged info. and discussed the affair, including Richard Dolan, who spoke with Wilson over the phone in late 2006.

“After my discovery of the Wilson Leak in April 2019, I was against the public release knowing well that it would lead to internet flame wars and could affect the privacy of individuals/sources that I respect. Rather than release it publicly, I decided to vet it first with several close colleagues. It took me one month to prepare my private 193-page report titled “Forsaken Poseidon,” which includes a complete history of the affair. Together with Danny Silva, Joe Murgia, Chris Wolford and other connected sources, we investigated (99% of the work was done by Giuliano ~Joe) claims and references from the notes. My 193-page report is shared only privately with researchers who are currently working on the story with patience, behind the scenes. At this stage, I would rather not share my private opinion about the document. However, I have created a media timeline for those who want to learn more via chronological insight into the entire affair.”


Giuliano Marinkovic, via Podcast Inkubator #93

Before I go on….

For those of you who unfamiliar with Giuliano Marinkovic, he’s an investigative journalist currently based in Ireland, who’s been reporting on military and aviation UFO cases for close to twenty-five years for various Croatian, mainstream media outlets. He’s a former electronic warfare SIGINT specialist of the Croatian Army, and former communications specialist of Aerial Observing and Navigation radar unit of the Croatian Air Force.

If you get a chance to procure a copy of his “Forsaken Poseidon” masterpiece on the Wilson/Davis affair, do it. It’s one of the best pieces of digging, sleuthing, connecting the dots and investigating I’ve ever seen on this subject. If we were giving out awards for the best investigative work done in the past few years in UFOlogy, Giuliano’s name would be at the top of the list. And to top it off, he’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever encountered in this field. I would not have been able to complete this article without his help. I’m indebted for life!


Some folks reading this may not understand, but once we learned the documents were just sitting there, waiting to be discovered, it was kind of a stressful time. As I said, Grant Cameron has shared the stress he was going through and we felt the same. I had developed a rapport with Dr. Davis and we were starting to build a friendship. Some may consider that taboo and a conflict of interest for someone like myself who likes to write about this subject, but not hurting someone takes precedence over writing blogs and tweeting out information. As I’ve said in the past, I’m okay if people think I’m biased in favor of Dr. Davis because it’s true. Publishing these documents had the potential to hurt him professionally and I wanted no part in that. I’m happy with how I/we handled this.

Part 2: Dr. Eric Davis


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    The quote above seems a bit confused, it’s as if Trump is lumping together Roswell, Aliens and Area 51? Given what we have heard about Wilson’s inability to get a briefing, could it be that Trump doesn’t really know anything either?

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